Are you a single mother or do you know a certain divorced mother struggling to survive today’s economy. If you answered “yes” then this is the right time to let you know that there are private institutions with the government of US that offers grants for single mothers in Florida, divorced or even for those mothers that has been abandoned by their husbands. If you’re interested what this financial assistance is, see the detailed explanation on how and where you can get this assistance;

1.   Educational Assistance

This includes educational grants, scholarships, job training, career development program and job placement program for single moms who want to finish and get a degree in college. Example of this educational assistance offered for single mothers are;

a.   Academic Competitive Grant; ACG is a merit based grant for first and second year college single moms who has an excellent academic grade during high school. ACG gives awards of $750 up to a $1300 for those who will qualify. Interested single moms are encouraged to apply and file at FAFSA.

b.   National SMART Grant (Science and Mathematics to Retain Talent); this grant is available for third year and fourth year college students pursuing a degree in mathematics, science and engineering. Still interested single moms need to file at FAFSA.

2.   Medical Assistance

Medical assistance for single mothers can be availed during pregnancy, prenatal classes, and medical care from birth through childhood. The federal government also sponsors nutrition programs through cooking and menu planning to promote healthy living without the burden in increased costs.

3.   Business Assistance

Business assistance is for single moms who need a help in financing a business so they can earn for their family. This is also available for moms who have lost their jobs and need a help in landing a good stable job.

These are just some out of the many grants for single mothers. You may research for other available grants that may help you ease a burden in supporting yourself and your children.